It’s Not Over; There Will be a Big Post-Election Hangover

Perhaps the tedious television ads will stop. We won’t be inundated with dueling rallies. And we may not have to listen to the candidates drone on about how the other is much worse. But make no mistake, the presidential election of 2016 is only the beginning of what could be a drawn-out nightmare.


The voting concludes next Tuesday night but no matter who wins, we’ve got serious trouble ahead.

If Trump wins:
• He’ll declare the election was not rigged after all.
• He’ll try to bully Congress into rubber stamping anything he wants. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan won’t acquiesce to Trump’s nonsense. Ryan own caucus may turn on him causing chaos in the House.
• We now know Trump wants the American people to pay for his great big wall on our southern border. Don’t worry, Mexico will pay us back. Right.
• He may or may not make good on his promise of appointing a special prosecutor to go after his defeated opponent, not unlike a banana republic.
• Anything is possible. The man is unhinged and dangerous.


If Clinton wins:
• We will have a forever-deadlocked government that will make the current deadlock look productive.
• If the Republicans hold the Senate, we may not have a ninth Supreme Court justice for the entire four years of her presidency.
• If the GOP keeps the House and Senate, we can look forward to endless investigations of the president.
• She may be impeached.

It’s wishful thinking that our long, national nightmare concludes with next Tuesday’s results. No matter what the outcome, we are naïve to think we will have a normal, functioning government. It’s only the beginning.