Bill Clinton Neutralized AG Lynch to Hillary’s Detriment

How would things have worked out differently if Bill Clinton didn’t climb aboard Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s plane in Phoenix back in June? Several plays and months later, we can at least partially blame that move on Bill’s part for the jam Hillary’s in.

No matter what one may think about FBI Director James Comey’s policy-busting decision to notify Congress—and therefore the voting public—that new emails might, maybe, could be significant, he answers to the Attorney General. She could have ordered Comey to follow policy and look into the new emails without injecting himself into the presidential election with days to go before we go to the polls.

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey
US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey.

Back in the summer Lynch announced she would accept whatever the FBI recommended as far as the investigation, As we all know, Comey declared that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case based on what the bureau found. Lynch really had no choice. That little plane visit set her up for allegations that she is in the tank for the Clintons.

The same is true for the confounding decision by Comey to tell the country new emails had turned up. FBI agents hadn’t even looked at them or obtained a warrant to do so. Department of Justice officials strongly disagreed with Comey’s decision to get in the middle of the weirdest presidential election in a lifetime.

Lynch could not have ordered Comey to clam up if she wanted to. It would have reeked of a fix given her coziness with Bill. Now we have an immense mess on our hands. Agents finally got the warrant and are apparently using special computer software to sift through the emails. The messages were found on the lap top belonging to uber-perv Anthony Weiner, the now-estranged husband of Hillary pal Huma Abedin. There is no telling whether they will have an answer as to whether there is any “there” there before election day.

It’s just another twist in the bizarre contest for leader of the free world. Both parties now look ridiculously hypocritical. Back in July, Democrats were praising Comey as a stand-up, no-nonsense professional who called it like he saw it. Now he is a villain to them, overstepping his bounds by getting in the middle of a close race.

Republicans, particularly Trump, were flaming Comey back in the summer and now think he is brave, honest and doing his job (Trump apparently thinks the race is a little less “fixed” and polls are now believable because they show him doing better).

What’s done is done. The best possible scenario for voters (remember them?) is for the FBI to make a determination this week as to whether the Weiner laptop holds anything significant.