Trump Starts Administration with an Anti-Muslim, a Racist and Possibly the Principle-less

Let’s face it. We had a pretty good idea President-elect Trump would fill his administration with questionable characters. He hasn’t disappointed. So far he’s picked a national security adviser who is anti-Muslim, an attorney general who is a racist, and he has had a nice chat with a guy who clearly lacks any principles. The new Trump White House is shaping up to be something like the bar scene in Star Wars (the original).

Mike Flynn, President-elect Trump's choice for National Security Adviser.
Mike Flynn, President-elect Trump’s choice for National Security Adviser.

National Security-designate Mike Flynn is on record as saying fearing Muslims is rational; not just ISIS members but every day, law-abiding, American citizens who happen to be Muslim. He says that Sharia Law is spreading across the United States. It’s not. He also has significant business ties—murky as they may be—with Middle East interests as well as Russia. He is a dangerous character who, if he gets sole possession of Trump’s ear, could be serious trouble.

Attorney General-designate Sen. Jeff Sessions has quite a history himself, one that calls into question his views on race. His baggage goes back quite a bit. In 1986, when Sessions was a US Attorney, he was nominated for a federal judgeship by then-President Ronald Reagan. He was rejected by the Senate—a Senate that had a Republican majority. It seems his colleagues had a lot to say about Sessions’ views on race.

Apparently, Sessions thinks the NAACP is “un-American” and the KKK is A-OK with him until he found out they smoked pot (one wonders whether he now simply thinks the Klan is simply OK in states that have legalized marijuana). During his hearing 30 years ago, he adamantly denied being racially insensitive. But for the top law enforcement official in the country, should we really take the chance? Statements by Trump himself show him to be tone-deaf on race. Should we have an AG who is too?

The biggest head-shaker so far is Mitt Romney apparently being considered for secretary of state. Romney met with Trump Saturday. The 2012 Republican nominee unleashed a barrage of criticism on Trump during the campaign. He made personal observations about Trump so strongly and so often that we can’t possibly think it was just campaign rhetoric.

Truly frightening.

Romney better hope he lands the job at state because he already looks like he has tossed his principles overboard for even the chance to be America’s top diplomat. How someone can do such a 180 on Trump is really unfathomable; and sad for the country.