Trump’s New Reality Show: ‘The Nominee’

It’s hard to blame him. It’s what he knows. After a week of looking like, “Hold on, what? I actually won?” President-elect Trump is making the process of filling cabinet positions look like a reality show. He’s paraded possible nominees through the paparazzi that is Trump Tower in Manhattan. He’s even referred to the job-seekers as “finalists.” All we need now is Mitt Romney, Scott Brown and Laura Ingraham competing to see who can earn the most money with a burrito invention. Like his candidacy, the process looks like a joke. Yet people are glued to see what happens.

Trump has filled a couple of positions. The “I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-defend-this-clown” Reince Priebus is now the clown’s chief of staff. Is it a bow to the establishment (Priebus is the chairman of the Republican National Committee) or will Priebus just be holding a title as the most dangerous member of the team provides the real juice?

Stephan Bannon is officially Trump’s chief strategist. He is a darling of the so-called “alt-right” movement having headed up the already-discredited Breitbart “news” service. It was Bannon’s alt-right pals—The National Policy Institute—who held a conference in Washington, DC at which the Nazi salute replaced applause.

US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) won Trump’s game for attorney general. Sessions in 1986 famously went down for the count when nominated for a federal judgeship. He apparently thinks the KKK is A-OK and that the NAACP is un-American. That didn’t sit right even with a Republican-controlled Senate at the time. He played Trump’s reality show much better this time, at least to this point.

Contestant Michael Flynn, a retired Lt. General, won the role of national security advisor. It apparently didn’t hurt him that he is a full-fledged hater of Muslims. He says it’s “rational” to be afraid of your Muslim neighbors and friends.

Kansas US Rep. Mike Pompeo will run the CIA. He’s a hardliner to be sure. He has said that Hillary Clinton is guilty of “criminality” (the FBI disagreed—twice) and that Clinton’s email scandal was worse than Watergate. Yeah, right.

South Carolina Nikki Haley is the new United Nations ambassador. She has no foreign policy experience other than her parents are immigrants. I’m not sure how she is qualified at all. Also, she endorsed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and then Texas Sen. Ted Cruz when Rubio dropped out. She famously said Trump would endanger “the dream that is America.”

2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney became part of Trump’s latest show by tossing away his during the campaign that Trump is a “con man” and “a fraud.” Romney is under consideration for secretary of state. (huh?) He might be competing with Newt Gingrich. I’m sure NATO, Russia and China will warm to a guy who served his then-wife divorce papers while she was in a hospital bed.

Former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) really wants to win “The Nominee.” Under consideration for veterans’ affairs secretary, Brown actually declared himself to be the person man for the job. Trump will probably overlook the fact that Brown lost two US Senate races in two separate states in two years. He did find the time to be a FOX News contributor after losing the second race. It’s not clear how that affects his chances.

Also competing are Laura Ingraham for press secretary. I guess her radio talk show isn’t going so well. It doesn’t help that you can’t find it anywhere on the dial. Crazy man Rudy Giuliani wants secretary of state (just think, Rudy v. Mitt for the AG prize). Marine Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis may win secretary of defense. Mad Dog famously said, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” Wow.

If you didn’t catch it, there will be no winner for the title of special prosecutor of Hillary Clinton.

One thing we can apparently count on is Trump continuing to tweet. Between consideration for top cabinet positions, he found time to tweet a complaint about a Broadway show and the latest Saturday Night Live sketch.

Yup, it’s the new reality show, “The Nominee” and you can catch it on any newscast, any day of the week.

Your thoughts?

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