One of the first questions many people ask when learning of former Gov. John Rowland’s new radio show is, “What about his other fulltime, city-subsidized, $90,000-a-year job as Waterbury’s point man for economic development?”

Waterbury Region Chamber of Commerce President Lynn Ward tells The Shad that Rowland has the business group’s full support in taking the job as co-host (with Rev. Will Marotti) of “Church and State”—the new afternoon drive show on WTIC-AM.

Ward says Rowland is not a traditional employee of the chamber but rather works as a “consultant.” As such, Ward says, Rowland doesn’t need to be in the office at set hours, can work at home, and spends a lot of time on the road. How he squares that last one with his very-set 3 to 6 p.m. radio show is not clear. Also, station management is under no obligation to disclose what it is paying the once-imprisoned, former governor.

In other ripple effects from Rowland’s new show, his wife, Patty, got the boot from her weekly spot on rival radio station WDRC-AM. Mrs. Rowland would appear once a week on the Brad Davis morning show. No more. “We’re freshening Brad’s program to more closely align with his current listeners’ interests,” Eric Fahnoe, vice president of Buckley radio told Hartford Courant Java reporter Mary Ellen Fillo. One could speculate Davis’ “current listeners’ interests” might include the menu for the early bird special or the canasta scores from Woodlawn Manor, Phase II.

Patty Rowland’s segment was called “Weekending in Connecticut” and provided listeners with information on upcoming recreational activities and events around the state. Davis and the Rowlands are longtime friends, reported Fillo. Not to worry—Patty Rowland turned up Friday on her husband’s new show, dishing about weekend events.

Rowland also had no problem taking some direct and indirect shots at Colin McEnroe, the host who last had a talk show in the “Church and State” time slot and now hosts a show on WNPR. Rowland and Marotti openly (and somewhat mockingly) invited McEnroe on their show with Rowland saying of McEnroe, “He is smart…he’s just wrong [on issues].” Damning with faint praise indeed.

Rowland then mocked Bill Curry, a McEnroe pal and the man Rowland last defeated for governor. That win meant a third term for Rowland until…well, we all know how that turned out.

Rowland jokingly said that he saw a photo of the crowd at the Lady Gaga concert at the XL Center Thursday night and he could see Curry down front. Rowland better have a good sense of humor all around because dead in the middle of the 5 p.m. newscast during his show, was a commercial for a hot tub company pushing “crazy deals!” I can’t make this stuff up.

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