Trump Puts Small Business in Sleeper Hold with McMahon Pick

Former wrestling big wig Linda McMahon backed Donald Trump’s presidential bid with a $6 million contribution to a pro-Trump super PAC. Trump returned the favor by appointing McMahon to lead the Small Business Administration. It’s a curious pick for someone best known (outside of wrestling) for squandering $100 million on two failed senatorial bids and who can’t seem to remember what college degree she has. What, an ambassadorship to Samoa wasn’t available?

The thought goes that McMahon is qualified for the position because she helped develop a wrestling operation from a regional business with a handful of employees to a massive conglomerate with 800 employees.

Indeed, World Wrestling Entertainment is a behemoth, a wildly successful venture albeit one built on the worst kind of misogyny, violence, drug use and death. Six million bucks goes a long way in looking past such things.

If small businesses ran their shops like McMahon ran her political campaigns, they’d be out of business. In 2010, she lost her Senate bid to Democrat Richard Blumenthal despite spending $50 million (that broke the record set by no-trick pony Ned Lamont). She got 43 percent of the vote. In 2012, McMahon repeated her spending and her margin of loss—$50 million and 43 percent of the vote against Democrat Chris Murphy.

McMahon has a degree from East Carolina in French…or English…or Education, depending on where one looks. The degree she has in whatever major was enough for accidental Gov. Jodi Rell to appoint her to the Connecticut state Board of Education.

While she may have burned through her money in failed political efforts, she did use her finances for at least one very good cause—donating to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. Her cash resulted in the Linda E. McMahon Commons. The school touts the development as a “[D]ramatic new building [that] is a key part of an exciting, forward-looking vision for our University—one that began with our Chapel, and is now continuing with our impressive new McMahon Commons.”

Linda E. McMahon Commons on the campus of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut.


It should be noted that Trump held a controversial rally at Sacred Heart’s Pitt Center back in August.

So it is apparent that McMahon makes an impact with her money. The question is, should she get a key economic post because she has a lot of scratch and ponied up for Trump. The US Senate, dominated by millionaire Republicans, will likely approve a kindred spirit. It’s not clear if that is a good thing for small business in this country.

Your thoughts?

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