Conn. GOP: ‘Trust Fund Ted’ Kennedy Running for Governor

The “emergency certification” process in the Connecticut legislature has long been a source of “inside baseball” angst, particularly for minority Republicans. Now, Democratic state Sen. Ted Kennedy, Jr. is calling into question the wisdom of using the process. The state Republican Party chairman says Kennedy is a flip-flopper and his comments disparaging e-certs are the first volley in a Kennedy run for governor. Sort of.

State GOP Chairman JR Romano admits he was having a little with Kennedy and doesn’t have any specific information that Kennedy is planning a run for the governorship.

In the same news release, Romano referred to Kennedy as “Trust Fund Ted,” mocking the Branford Democrat’s financial status.

Democratic state Sen.Ted Kennedy, Jr.
Democratic state Sen.Ted Kennedy, Jr.

Romano also points out that Kennedy was ok with an emergency certification in a May vote, casting a yes on the budget bill that was done by e-cert. “Emergency certifications” are supposed to be just as they sound—a means by which the legislature can consider legislation dealing with an emergency. It allows them to bypass the regular committee process and the public input the it brings.

Some lawmakers—usually Republicans—say the e-cert process has gotten out of control and has been used to simply avoid giving the public the chance to object to difficult legislation like the budget.

Conn. Republican Party Chairman JR Romano.
Conn. Republican Party Chairman JR Romano.

Speaking of Romano, he is the target of the Working Families Party on separate issue. In a letter to the editor of the Connecticut Post, WFP Director Lindsay Farrell calls on Romano to step down as GOP chair.

Farrell is bugging about comments Romano made to a reporter about a WFT community meeting. Romano is quoted as saying the meeting “declaring war on anyone who disagrees with them.” Kind of tame, no? Not exactly resignation-worthy.

Conn. Working Families Party Director Lindsay Farrell.
Conn. Working Families Party Director Lindsay Farrell.

Farrell objected to Romano “has demonstrated his blatant contempt for the most basic American cultural values of freedom and democracy, and, in turn, shown he does not have the temperament to lead.”

Romano says Farrell misses the point. “This is not about freedom of speech. It’s about organizing to prevent [President-elect] Trump from accomplishing anything,” he said.

Here’s The Shad’s take:
• Kennedy’s right. Majority Democrats should be more discerning in the use of e-certs.
• Kennedy is not running for governor (that we know of).
• Farrell overacted to Romano’s comments about her group’s meetings.
• Farrell did not overreact when she wrote that, “Mr. Trump charted his path to victory on a campaign of division and hate. His victory was realized by sowing division between the white working class and almost everyone else, including, but not limited to, Mexicans, women, Muslims and the disabled.”