Electoral College to Meet, Elect Trump

Monday is the day of reckoning for those who think there is still a chance to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. Face it folks, Trump will be president despite the efforts of blowhards like Michael Moore. Energies are much better spent making sure Trump’s most egregious cabinet picks are not confirmed.

Electors will meet in state capitals across the country and cast their votes. There may be one or two (or even a handful) who will choose to become “faithless electors” and not vote for the candidate their state chose for them.

For what it’s worth, Trump says he won the EC count in a landslide. Landslide? Trump’s claims of a landslide victory are bogus write CNN’s Steven A. Holmes and Eve Bower. “An interesting nugget: Trump won enough states to give him 56.9% of the Electoral College vote. That places him 45th in the ranking of winning percentages going all the way back to George Washington’s victory in the election of 1789. Trump is just behind Harry Truman who won 57% of the Electoral College vote in 1948 — an election everybody went to bed on election night believing he had lost.”

It’s true that it is technically possible for electors to somehow lose their minds and elect Hillary Clinton. Some Democrats think this would be a good outcome. Not this one. The Electoral College going faithless would set a very dangerous precedent for future elections and could plunge the country into a constitutional crisis. Trump won the election. Unless it is proven he conspired with the Russians to fix the election, he is going to be inaugurated.

(Please don’t give me the line about the popular vote. Yes, Hillary Clinton won by millions in the popular vote. But that’s not how we currently elect our presidents. We can have a spirited debate about eliminating the Electoral College but it won’t and shouldn’t apply to this contest.)

There is only so much Trump opponents can do at this point except keep his feet to the fire. We have to:
Get to the bottom of the Russian involvement in our election. This should be job number one despite the nonsense spewed by Trump and his surrogates. Both the CIA and the FBI say the Russians hacked into at least key Democratic organizations, possibly Republican, too. The CIA says the motive was to be sure Trump won.

• Defeat the nomination of Rex Tillerson for secretary of state. Tillerson is a big oil guy who has never worked anywhere but Exxon Mobil where is now the CEO. His ties to Vladimir Putin are troubling at the very least. His multibillion dollar oil drilling deal with the Russians is on hold because of sanctions imposed due to Russian annexation of Crimea. It would take just a few Republican senators to join Democrats to defeat Tillerson.

• Defeat the nomination of Scott Pruitt for the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt has sued the EPA multiple times and he is a climate change denier. He is an anti-environment potential nominee for the EPA. His nomination is disgraceful. EPA chiefs are usually scientists. This guy is a science-denier.

• Grill Small Business Administration nominee Linda McMahon. Her successful business was built on misogyny, drug use and death of her company’s employees. The Senate should ask her about this.

• Pressure Trump to choose another national security advisor. He position does not have to be confirmed by the Senate. Nominee Michael Flynn is a nut. He’s retweeted some of the worst fake news out there including the canard about a DC pizza place playing host to a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton. He’s also said fear of Muslims is rational.

NSA Michael Flynn's retweet (since deleted) that links to fake news.
NSA Michael Flynn’s retweet (since deleted) that links to fake news.


In July, Flynn retweeted a missive that falsely claimed Clinton wore a hijab in solidarity with Islamic terrorists. In another tweet from October, Flynn retweeted a baseless claim that the UN was attempting to create a one world church that prohibited Christianity. He has claimed that Sharia law was being implemented in states and that Arabic signs on the border guided potential terrorists into the US. He is bat-sh*t crazy; looney, coo-coo, cra-cra.

• Pressure the nominee for secretary of education who has zero education experience. Betsy DeVos is a billionaire (sort of a job requirement if you’re not ex-military) who has shown a strong animus toward public education. Brilliant choice.

• Extract a commitment from former Texas Gov. Rick Perry that he won’t dismantle the department of energy. Perry is Trump’s pick to head the agency he once—sort of—proposed to eliminate.

Americans should also insist that Trump not embrace an anti-gay rights agenda like his vice president-elect, Mike Pence. Trump has not shown a particularly negative attitude for the LGBT community. Let’s hope he embraces all civil rights.

Donald Trump is going to be president. We should focus energies on minimizing the damage he can do.