President Trump Alleges Major Voter Fraud in 2016 US Election


It was originally just another goofy thing that Trump uttered—that millions of fraudulent votes were cast in the November election causing him to lose the popular vote. Now, it carries the weight of the most powerful office in the world. President Trump is saying there was massive fraud in an American election, an election he won. That is a claim that has been debunked, discredited by both Republicans and Democrats. It’s a fabrication, a prevarication, a lie.

Yet another press briefing went down the rabbit hole for press secretary Sean Spicer. He simply said that the president “believes” there were 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes cast based on “studies and information he has received.” Spicer could not provide the evidence for this belief because it doesn’t exist. Republican US Sen. Lindsey Graham:

Republicans, Democrats, top elective officials and the press are all incredulous—and rightly so—about Trump’s statements.

The consensus is that since Trump runs the government and he believes there was massive fraud, there should be an immediate investigation. Our free and fair elections are the bedrock of our democracy. Trump—the president—is taking a sledgehammer to this bedrock.

Trump’s offhanded, ridiculous remarks can no longer be dismissed as Donald being Donald. What he says now carries the weight of the White House. The Washington Post is reporting it was Trump who personally directed Spicer to go out and further perpetuate a lie about the size of the crowd at his inauguration. Spicer continued to hang onto the lie Monday.

The bigger picture is frightening. The president is a very small man (and no, Mr. President, I’m not talking about your, um, hands). He is petty and can’t let go anything that is not glorifying him personally. After his photo opp. with labor leaders and the press was leaving the room, he called them back in and directed a union leader to repeat a compliment he paid the president in private. The union guy complied, of course.

It’s not enough that Trump won the election under our country’s system set up by the Founding Fathers. He needs to have won the popular vote. Problem is, he didn’t. It fact, it wasn’t really all that close. Hillary Clinton won by 2.1 percent or 3 million votes.

Good lord, what have we done? We have a president whose first four days in office were filled with statements and contentions that are 50 percent untrue. And the issues he is concerned with—crowd size and the irrefutable fact that he lost the popular vote—demonstrate how insecure and small he really is.