The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Here are this week’s random thoughts, observations and things left over on the desk…

1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. President Trump has repeatedly said that people registered in two states, along with dead people still registered, are the source of voter fraud. He somehow counts them among his 3 to 5 million fraudulent votes, which of course, don’t exist.

It’s not illegal to be registered in two states. Good thing for Trump. Turns out treasury secretary nominee, Steve Mnuchin, top adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, chief strategist (and media-hater) Stephen Bannon and forgotten daughter Tiffany Trump are all registered in two states. It is illegal to vote twice.

2. Nah, I’m good. How many times do you think candidate Trump promised to release his tax returns “once the audit is complete?” Well, while we weren’t looking, he decided he is not releasing them. Ever. Adviser and fashionista Kellyanne Conway broke the news, simply saying he won’t release them because “people don’t care.”

Two tales, one outfit. Kellyanne Conway at the inauguration. Pat Patriot headed to the Super Bowl.
Two tales, one outfit. Kellyanne Conway at the inauguration. Pat Patriot headed to the Super Bowl.

3. Ningún Dios maldito camino, estúpido gringo. Former Mexican President Vincente Fox appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday and absolutely pilloried Trump and his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall.

4. “I’m Jake Tapper…” The opening of CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” has become must-see TV. The multitalented Tapper looks like a guy who wants to break into a rant about Trump’s alternate facts but has to settle for quick or not-so-quick quip.

I look forward to the “State of the Cartoonian” segment on “State of the Union” on Sunday morning. Yes, Tapper has professional cartoonist skills too.

5. No, Bannon, YOU shut it! The aforementioned Bannon says the media is the “opposition party” now and then invited us all to “shut the hell up.” Bannon is a bully of the worst kind. It doesn’t do the president any good to be in a war with the press. The administration is already operating in an alternative reality. The press is going to hold them accountable for the lies—and there have many—that they’ve told.

By the way, Mr. Bannon. The Founding Fathers didn’t want the press to shut up. In fact, they wrote it down. It’s in the Bill of Rights. It’s the first one.

6. Wrong guys? Trump’s “extreme vetting” executive order means the door is closed to many refugees. It should be noted that the 9-11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon. Not one of those countries are on the list of those now banned. The EO does include Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

And in more fun stuff.
1. Big Papi’s new job.

2. Big Papi’s new retirement plan.

3. Big Papi, please come back for one more year.

4. What if we lost WWII? My latest TV binge (ok, I guess it’s not a binge if it takes months to complete) is Amazon’s “Man in the High Castle.” Creepy. Netflix’s “Sneaky Pete” is next up.

5. We’ve been there before. Our New England Patriots are heading to the Super Bowl. Definitely worth the price of admission—to Tavern on the Square—to see Roger Goodell hand the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady. Go Pats!