Apropos of a Super Bowl

It’s taken me three days to sort through musings, emotion and thoughts about an improbable and historic New England Patriots Super Bowl victory. It’s The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of the Super Bowl.” Read it, learn it, love it.

1. Back from the dead. I’ll admit that I thought they were toast. The Atlanta Falcons piled up 28 points and were threatening another field goal. But I didn’t leave the sports bar where we were watching it. Then, in almost a blink of an eye, the Patriots were right back in it. The Edelman catch, the Brady superlative performance, the ultimate football victory. Epic.

2. Sports Mecca. Boston is the greatest city in the world. Its history, its culture, its institutions of higher learning, its hospitals, and of course, it’s sports teams. Between the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots, Boston has piled up 10 championships (Patriots have 5, Red Sox 3, Bruins and Celtics one each) since 2000.

Living here for a number of years, I can tell you winning never gets old. But even if a Boston team doesn’t win in a particular year, there’s drama over their loss (the Bruins fired their coach Tuesday). It’s exciting, euphoric and nonstop.

3. Classy Tommy. Tom Brady was his usual classy self in dealing with the Roger Goodell situation. Mr. Deflategate avoided Foxboro at all costs. He couldn’t skip the Super Bowl. Sunday night he handed the Lombardi Trophy over owner Bob Kraft and beat feet. Monday, he had to hand over to Brady the MVP Trophy to Brady himself. Goodell put on a fake smile when the cameras started snapping away.

` So what was Brady’s “revenge?” We had to watch closely a local MRI lab commercial.

“Roger that.” Perfect.

4. A juggling Roger? Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia, he of the mountain man look, was a little more demonstrative in his disapproval of the whole Goodell Deflategate thing.

Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia sports a Goodell clown t-shirt.
Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia sports a Goodell clown t-shirt.

5. Gaga? Yes, yes. The thought here is anyone who will jump from the top of massive NRG Stadium and can sing like that impresses me. I don’t fancy myself a music expert but I was highly entertained and that’s enough for me. It didn’t hurt that she sang her hit “Born This Way” which is about dealing with being gay in today’s society. It should be noted that famous homophobe Vice President Pence was in the house.

6. Use the restroom. The TV ads were less than impressive. I thought the Airbnb commercial was great.

7. Shirt off my back. The whole Brady uniform caper was disappointing. But then again, the Patriots stole the Super Bowl from right under the noses of the Dirty Birds.

8. Early (dead) bird special. President and Mrs. Bush were on hand for the coin flip to start the game. They were likely long gone and asleep when the coin was tossed for overtime (The Falcons won the first, the Patriots the second.)

9. Gronk being Gronk. Rob Gronkowski didn’t get to play in the game because of a back injury. That didn’t stop the fan favorite from having fun at the Rolling Rally Tuesday.

10. Does Bill Belichick ever smile?

11. Yes, he does.