WH’s Brilliant Strategy: Accuse, Demand Investigation, Refuse to Comment

You really have to hand it to the Trump White House. Its strategy to deflect attention from the Sessions/Flynn/Jared/Page/etc – Russian connections is indeed brilliant. President Trump makes a wild accusation, White House demands an investigation, then refuses to answer any questions until such investigation takes place. It’s as wonderful a plan as it is disgraceful.

Trump appears to be taking the old sports saying, “The best defense is a good offense” to heart. The president’s outlandish—and evidence-free—accusing tweets come just days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions ruined Trump post-congressional speech glow. (The administration even delayed the new executive order on immigration despite previously saying it was incredibly time-sensitive so Trump could bask in the after-speech adulation. Sessions ruined that and Trump was furious.)

How does one avoid a heat-seeking investigation of Trumpers-Russian ties? By firing out countermeasures of course. Trump irresponsibly tweets out accusations that President Obama ordered the wire-tapping of Trump Tower during the campaign.

How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!




Very troubling is that Trump’s information source apparently was alt-right Breibart which relied on alt-right, radio talk show lunatic Mark Levin who himself makes a banshee seem like the Seinfeld “low talker” who resulted in the puffy short.

There was reportedly a mad scramble in the west wing because no Trump insider knew the Mad Tweeter was going to unleash such an incredible claim. But they too played it very smartly. Spokesman Sean Spicer said the administration is demanding an investigation and would not comment further on Trump’s nonsense. Excellent plan!

Just when we think this president—whose priority late this week was slapping around Arnold Sschwarzenegger—was a potential grownup, we get this. Sad!

Of course, all of this reminds us of this: