If Trump’s Correct, It’s Bad News for Him

Let’s try for a few moments to live in the alternate universe of Donald Trump—up is down, black is white, and when in trouble, throw out any outrageous accusation or claim so people won’t actually pay attention to what is exactly going on. If the president is correct about his phones being tapped, it spells really bad news for the president himself.

Before we get to why his claims are without evidence or fact, let’s assume he is correct. He states as fact that President Obama had his phones tapped, including those in Trump Tower. First, a president has no power to order wiretaps and if Obama managed to somehow do it illegally, then we are in Watergate territory.

However, if the FBI was listening in on Trump campaign calls, it means a FISA court judge signed off on a warrant to do so. That means there is some solid evidence that suggests Trump operatives were in fact working with a foreign government. Trump would effectively be pointing to his campaign’s own illegality in colluding with a foreign government to tip the election to himself.

Trump, still seething over losing some of his post-congressional address aggrandizement to the Jeff Session mess, tweeted that Obama bugged his phones while calling the former president “bad or sick.” Obama is no doubt chuckling to himself at the thought of him having the power to surveil private Americans.

The source of Trump’s “information” is a bat sh**-crazy radio talk show host and the self-proclaimed “alt-right” platform Breitbart. Radio host Mark Levin is a conspiracy-loving nut job who is surpassed in the cra-cra category only by Alex Jones.

But not to worry, these phantom wiretaps never took place. How do we know? First, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told Chuck Todd it didn’t happen because he’d know if there was a FISA warrant out there.

Also calling “challenge!” on Trump is FBI Director James Comey. Comey had no problem keeping the country abreast of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails but went to the Justice Department seeking a statement knocking down Trump’s looney-tunes claims.

As The Shad has written before, Trump is a master of deception. The recipe is: when something goes wrong, make an outrageous claim or allegation so no one pays significant attention to the real thing. He’s done pretty well with it so far.