“Go-Go Gadget Backpedal”—Do Us All a Favor and Keep Her Off TV

If it wasn’t for the pure entertainment factor, it would be simply pathetic to keep presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway in the public eye. It just seems that she makes a TV appearance, makes a fool of herself, then makes several more appearances trying to clean up the mess from the original appearance. It’s sad. And it should stop.

The latest sorry chapter came when Conway did an interview with the (Bergin County, New Jersey) Record. She was attempting to explain the outrageous claim by President Trump that President Obama somehow had Trump Tower wire tapped during the 2016 election. Rather than fix things like other Trumpers who have pretzeled themselves to do, she made it worse.



So then came the attempt to walk back the walk-back.


So what are we left with?

It seemed for a while that the Trump administration had pulled Conway from the airwaves. It was dating back to her declaration that then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the full support of the president. Flynn was gone within hours.