The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Just finished up papering over the front of my microwave so no one can spy on me. It’s time for The Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. Cat nap. Some days you just really, really need a Zamboni. 


2. Great for ratings. On Monday, FBI Director James Comey give public testimony to Congress regarding the intelligence agency’s investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election. He has said privately that there is no evidence whatsoever that Trump Tower was surveilled before or after the election. No wiretaps, no microwaves, no TV sets spying on Trump or his campaign.

What could really spell trouble for Trump is if he ended up on calls that the FBI were recorded as part of its probe into the Russians. That would mean Trump or (additional) members of his campaign were talking directly with Russian agents.


3. What the bloody ‘kin ‘ell is he tolking about? The British are none too happy to be accused by Trump and Sean “Spicy” Spicer of being the ones who spied on Trump, in collusion with President Obama. Trump says he was simply passing along an observation made by Judge Andrew Napolitano on FOX News. Napolitano—who possesses no forehead—offered no evidence for it.



Former Judge-turned-talking-head Andrew Napolitano.


“Don’t talk to me, talk to FOX,” Trump told reporters. FOX News anchor Shepard Smith had to do the cleanup.

Mr. President, repeating a misinformed, unverified conspiracy doesn’t make it any less crazy. It just means it’s now coming from the leader of the free world.


4. Pick yourself up… What do we do when we’ve made a mess if things? Press on! Like Ollie!


5. Um, NO. Take two. A federal judge gave another “yeah, I don’t think so” to Trump’s Muslim ban, 2.0. For now, the travel ban has been enjoined. Maybe we should read Trump his rights. “Anything you say or your henchmen say—in the campaign or now—will be used against you in a federal court of law.” Trump may very well eventually win this one especially if the Senate can quickly approve nominee Neil Gorsuch. But saying a judge with a Hispanic heritage can’t be fair. calling one judge a “so-called judge” and tweeting that if anything bad happens the judges should be blamed, aren’t going to win you a lot of sympathy in the judiciary.

It also doesn’t help when one of your top White Supremacists, the very scary Stephen “This President Will Not Be Questioned” Miller, comes out and declares the 2.0 travel ban is basically the same as the first, just with some minor adjustments.

6. Kim Jong Un-believable. This little ball of whack has been making too much noise for his own good. He offed his own half-brother and been missile rattling rather loudly. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has put Lil’ Kim on notice. Of course, Trump’s new budget guts the State Department by about 30 percent which means our chances for diplomatic solutions to crises are a lil’ slim.



7. Viral family. So nearly everyone has seen the video of the kids walking into Dad’s home office on live TV.


Ah, but what would happen if the kids wondered into Mom’s home office?


8. And I am outta here… I’m considering storing up on water and maybe some oxygen while the water and air are still somewhat clean. (30 percent cut in the EPA???). I’m becoming a Trump Prepper.