Spicer Goes from Pitiable Stooge to Willful Enabler

Early in the 2016 presidential campaign, I had noticed this spokesman for the National Republican Committee. He seemed to be very adept at handling difficult questions. Strictly from a media-spokesman point of view (not taking political philosophy into it), I actually admired this guy. He was pretty good.

Fast-forward to today when Spicer continued to push President Trump’s claim that President Obama had him put under surveillance of some kind. This was after FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress—in public—that there is no evidence of such a thing. I recently felt sorry for Spicer. Now I think he is just an enabling stooge. If he has any, any respect for himself and for the role he now fills, he would resign. Maybe then he could sleep at night.

Believe me, I know firsthand what it is like to be a spokesman under attack on national TV. In 2002, I was on CNN (the topic is irrelevant) and got absolutely buried. Why?—because I had a losing argument. The available evidence was against me. I didn’t realize until it was too late that I couldn’t argue my way out of the interview. I just prayed for it to end. I’ve done dozens of such national TV interviews since that one and never let myself be in a similar spot. Spicer does it every day.

Spicey, it’s time to give it up.

For weeks I felt sorry for Spicer. He was tasked with telling the American public on a clear day, the sky was red. Everyone can see for oneself that it’s a complete lie. It’s blue. The situation isn’t that simple but it’s pretty close. Each day, Spicer met an antagonistic White House press corps and tried to spin the best he could. He reminded me of a power auger.

But Monday, faced with testimony from director Comey, Spicer refused to back off. He had multiple chances to say, “the president was relying on bad information,” or “it’s the media’s fault. They got it wrong,” or “the president was misled,” or some other version. But he didn’t. He held to the president’s baseless, ludicrous and now Comey-discredited allegations.

Trump is unable to say he was wrong.

Spicer refuses to stand up to the president and say, “I can’t go out there and continue to push this narrative when the FBI director said it isn’t true.” For that, I have lost all respect for Spicer. I hope the press corps eats him alive before Trump fire him, something that is inevitable.