The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’


For some reason, this segment has become fairly popular so here we go: It’s the Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. Not in like Flynn. Has Michael Flynn turned state’s evidence? Flipped? Singing like a canary? Blow the whistle? Sell down the river? Play Judas? My friend Juliette Kayyem says it looks that way.


2. All is well! President Trump’s and Paul Ryan’s health care bill died a slow, painful death last week. But the president says everything will be fine.


3. STFU!  US Rep. Devin Nunes decided he had an obligation to rush off to the White House with some intel info. Hello? You have an obligation to your committee and the American people. Trump is the last guy to whom you have an obligation.


Not to be outdone, Democratic US Rep. Adam Shiff declared he’d seen “more than circumstantial” intel that Trumpers colluded with Russia to tip the election to the president.

The House Intelligence Committee is now an absolute joke. Get a special select committee now.

4. Double trouble. Ever wonder what your kids are doing at night (particularly twins)?


5. Leave me alone. I’m writing. A dear friend has somehow captured me in a GIF.


6. Duh. We just don’t hear enough “Duh” in everyday conversation. And particularly not by the likes of Tom Brokaw.


7. First pitch. It looks like Hartford’s Dunkin Donuts Park will open for the minor league baseball season. If they had saved donuts from back when it was supposed to open, they could now use them for batting practice.

8. Who is worse? Before the AHCA went down to defeat, it had 17 percent approval from the American people. Happy to see that was Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy who has the second worst approval rating among US governors (behind the guy from Michigan’s Rick Snyder who poisoned his own people).

9. Play ball! The Red Sox open at Fenway next week. Then to Detroit. The back to Boston. In April!


10. Ok, now what about Newtown? Big ball of whack Alex Jones of Info Wars infame has apologized for propagating the fake news claim that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran a child sex ring out of a DC pizzeria. At least one guy believed it and ended up shooting up the joint.