The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Odds and ends piling up on the desk while I wait to see if Jared Kushner can fix my Internet.

1. How many Tomahawks does it take to destroy an airfield? Apparently more than 59. Both the AP and Reuters report that the airfield hit with some 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles is still operational. I would think for more than $60 million in missiles we’d be able to make the airfield little more than an oil slick. These are missiles that can launched from 1,000 miles away and plow through the front door of whatever it’s aiming at. So why can Assad and/or Putin still fly out of that field. Curious.

2. What did you call me? Straight-takin’ John McCain refers to Kim Jong Un as “the crazy, fat kid.” There’s a good chance that tag alone will infuriate Lil’ Kim more than any military maneuvers. But look at it this way: McCain was held in the Hanoi Hilton and tortured on a daily basis for five years. Some little troll whose head looks like an eraser won’t scare him.


3. O’Reilly? Meet Trump. Trump? Meet O’Reilly. I know he has been in movies for a long time but how did Alec Baldwin go so long without being a cast member on SNL.


4. Where are they making baseballs these days? Baseball season in underway. Perhaps there needs to be a quality control check on the balls.


5. Bleh. I understand you can catch the flu just by driving by Fenway. Even TV play-by-play guy Dave O’Brien had to dash from the broadcast booth in the 6th inning because he was sick.

6. Foowww-uuuhhll. The NCAA men’s basketball final between winner North Carolina and Gonzaga was everything that’s wrong with the sport of basketball. Forty-five fouls in 40 minutes of play? Are you kidding me? Clearly basketball is in need of a little more of this:


7. Aaaawwww. Sometimes a picture encapsulates it all. This is little Maevie LeFluer. She is a big fan of Sonar, the Hartford Wolf Pack mascot. She does the little “Oh-Oh-OOOOOOOO” Sonar call on the way to the game and then actually met Sonar up close on Friday.


8. Um, it’s Chuck. Everyone makes mistakes. But not everyone declares he doesn’t make mistakes and then promptly gets it wrong.


9. Well, when I have a spare week…I am by no means a TV critic, but I do have some favorites. I recommend The Americans, American Crime, This is Us, and The Good Fight. For laughs, there is the always hysterical and politically incorrect Family Guy.

10. Trying to get voted off the island. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, he of the 11 years in the slammer for corruption, is making noise about running for governor of Connecticut in 2018. Reality check, Hoosow Joe. Bridgeport is its own little weird island unto itself. Just because the twisted politics of the Park City put you back in the office of the city you robbed blind, don’t think for a second the rest of the state will. Speaking of Bridgeport and Family Guy…


11. Sad face. US Rep. Devin Nunes has stepped aside from his one job of heading the House Intelligence Committee as it investigates Trumpers connections with Russians. He has always looked like that high school vice principal whose career went off the rails at some point. Seth Meyers’ take: