Closing in on 100 Days and No Closer to Anything Resembling Government

Does the first 100 days of a presidency mean anything? For Donald Trump the answer is no—it’s an arbitrary number that means nothing. Unless of course he is able to somehow get a budget passed, cobble together a repeal and replace of Obamacare, or both. Then it’s an important date that shows how well an administration is doing.

Not unlike just about everything else in the young administration, whatever happens last happens best. The Chinese as currency manipulators? No, that was during the campaign. Now, they’re helping us with North Korea. Syria as “none of our business?” No, that was before Trump saw the awful video of children dying from a chemical attack, (But it wasn’t bad enough to let Syrian children of war into the country.)

Repeal and replace Obamacare? Its failure was due to the Democrats, or the crazy conservative Republicans, or Paul Ryan. Depends on the day. Trump and Pence appear to be ready to try again and if it fails, they can always the hasten the “explosion” of Obamacare by not funding the subsidies that make it work.

The president’s budget might get some movement before the 100 days are up but of course that means things like Meals on Wheels and afterschool programs are toast. Budget director Mick Mulvaney says he can’t in good conscience ask a middle class family to pay for an afterschool program that may not be absolutely proven to help a child in later years. He does not, however, mind asking the same family to pay for the president’s near constant weekend trips to Florida.

Speaking of Mar-a-Lago, it’s done just fine in the first 100 days thanks in no small part to the State Department. State had to remove a section on the president’s for-profit club that read like a chamber of commerce advertisement. We’re not sure where our aircraft carriers ae heading but hey, Mar-a-Lago is just a swell place to visit.

Other Trump business interests are doing pretty well too. Ivanka secured a number of trademarks for her business in China. Remember, the Chinese are not currency manipulators, particularly when the currency is flowing to the first daughter (half sister Tiffany doesn’t count).

Polluters did quite well in the first 100. Trump rolled back regulations that stopped coal companies from dump their coal gunk into rivers and streams. Sure it poisons our drinking water but it makes people who lost their jobs in coal think their jobs are coming back. Telling coal mining families their jobs are coming back (I’ve heard it accurately described) is like people who worked at Eastman Kodiak that film is coming back. Not happening.


Sean Spicer is staying because Trump says he gets great ratings. Steve Bannon is losing his battle with first son-in-law and all around fixer Jared Kushner. Trumpers are dismissing Paul Manaforte as a bit player in the campaign (he was heading the operation for some time). Jeff Sessions has weathered his perjury problem well enough to insult the entire state of Hawaii. Carter Page is being threatened if he continues to say he was a “Trump adviser.” Kellyanne Conway is nowhere to be found.

All in all, not a bad first 100.