The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Thoughts piling on the desk while I try to figure out what that whole Pokeman Go thing was about…It’s the Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. Too Harsh? I’m told my column on Ivanka Trump was a bit tough. Maybe so. But “Take Your Child to Work Day” was Thursday. In President Trump’s case, isn’t that every day?

2. Against the Nazis or against Trump? There’s something very awkward about referring to those who oppose President Trump as “the resistance.” I’ve watched the first two seasons of “The Man in the High Castle” which has an alternative history plot based on the novel of the same name by Philip K. Dick. In the story, the Nazis and Japan win the WW II and the underground in the former California and New York fighting them is called the resistance. Kind of creepy. Can we come up with another name for anti-Trumpers? Or have we really reached that point?

3. Maybe Sachagawea? There is something really unseemly about Trump continuing to call Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahantas.” This is not to say there isn’t something unseemly about Warren claiming to be of Native American descent. But he’s the president for cryin’ out loud. Show some class.


4. Cell Block Tango. The rhetoric can’t get much worse. Both Trump and Lil’ Kim Song Un are both engaging in brinksmanship. Kim has launched yet ballistic missile. What next? Trump says we have a major conflict.

5. OITNB. It seems hackers have released season 5 of “Orange is the New Black” on a pirate website after Netflix, the streaming service on which the show airs, refused to be shaken down. Actually, if the hackers really wanted to hurt Netflix, they would have released seasons 5 and 6. By the way, it turns out “Orange is the New Black” is also the name of Donald Trump’s new fan club.

6. 1918. Is there anything better for MLB than the Cubs in town for a weekend series at Fenway Park. The two iconic teams met in the 1918 World Series which was won by the Red Sox 4 game to 2. The winning pitcher in game 1? Babe Ruth.

7. It’s a bird! It’s a plane!… In baseball, there are slides and then there are slides.


8. Go S-U! I had the privilege of returning to my alma mater last weekend. Among other things, we got to see the Syracuse lacrosse team. Don’t look now, but SU lacrosse is one of the top teams in the nation. The lax final four is at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro on Memorial Day weekend. What’s better?

9. A Closer Look…And now a word from Seth Myers:


10. Simon says…croak! More controversy for United Airlines. After dragging some guy off a flight to make room for staff, they now hold the record for biggest bunny killed on a flight. Simon was a three-foot long rabbit that died on a United Flight from London to Chicago.

The late, great SImon the bunny.

Mystery shrouds the death. It seems Simon was safe and sound when he arrived at O’Hare but died in a pet holding area awaiting a connection to Kansas City. Simon was believed to be on schedule to break the record for largest rabbit held by his father.

Darius the bunny, Simon’s father and still the largest bunny on the plant after Simon’s demise.

Bryan Bergdale bought Simon for some $530 and then shelled out another $1,800 to have him shipped is very disappointed. While there will not be an autopsy, or, bunny-topsy, there is some real possibility for four HUGE luck charms.

Shad out.