If you believe local radio talk shows (newly titled even further to the right) and Republican leaders, Democratic US Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal has “gone underground” and is avoiding talking about the issues. The fact is, Republican candidate Linda McMahon is the one who thinks the campaign trail is not the place to articulate her positions on the major issues facing Connecticut and the nation.

The Connecticut Post gets it right when it points out “McMahon won’t give her opinion on raising the eligibility age for entitlements, means testing or raising the exemption on payroll taxes. She says these are issues that should be debated in a legislative session, not on a campaign trail….But how are voters supposed to make an informed decision if she won’t divulge her opinion? Are they simply supposed to trust her? Or does she have opinions she thinks voters would find unappealing?”

The state’s newspapers and the state Democratic Party have pointed out other problems facing McMahon:

The Day (of New London): Yale law prof fires again at McMahon, “death clauses.”

Hartford Courant’s Rick Green: Why Is Linda McMahon So Desperate?

The Day (of New London): How many times did Linda McMahon go bankrupt?

Stamford Advocate: WWE: State auditing company for misclassification of employees.

Why won’t WWE provide two important details about state audit?

McMahon’s success with her multimillion dollar negative campaign against Blumenthal is still to be determined. Her “positive” ads are vague and without substance (the lunchbox she has featuring is metal and beat-up like it was used by Triple-H to clobber Mick “Mankind” Foley over the head a few times).

Time to put the issues on the table and debate them.