Why Does Our President Think We’re Stupid?

This was one of many proclamations of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. However, President Trump has taken it a bit further. He thinks the American people are stupid. He fired FBI Director James Comey and would have us believe it is because of Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email issue. He would have us believe that it had nothing to do with Comey leading an investigation into Russian tampering with the American election to tip the scales in favor of Trump.


It’s already been said by many that if Trump had a problem with Comey’s handling of the Clinton email issue, he could have fired him on January 20th when he took office. Trump not only didn’t have a problem with it, he praised it.


There are so many conflicts and so many things suspicious, tone-deaf and simply wrong that it’s hard to know on what to concentrate.

• Attorney General Jeff Sessions—he of the perjured congressional testimony about his own connections to the Russians—recused himself on the Russian investigation. He then recommends to the White House that the leader of said investigation be fired.
• President Trump tweeted Monday:

• In his letter to Comey, Trump thanked him for telling the president three times he was not the target of any investigation, then told him he was terminated.
• No one at the FBI knew about the firing. Comey himself found out when he saw it on TV monitors in the back of the room in which he was giving a speech to FBI employees in Los Angeles.
• The West Wing was reportedly shocked at the explosive reaction from the firing.
• The Russian foreign minister mocked the whole situation.


CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who always speaks his mind and is very often unparalleled in his analysis, was absolutely stunned at Tuesday’s developments.

The ball is now in Congress’ court. Both the House and Senate have committees investigation the Russian interference. The chair of one of those committees, Sen. Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) is troubled by all of this.

We very well may be careening toward a constitutional crisis. Why? Because the people of this country are NOT stupid.