A Very Trumpian Week’s Beginning: Attacks His Own Administration; Completely Misrepresents London Mayor’s Words

Only in Trump World. The president kicked off what could be a historic week in Washington in rare form—even for Trump. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in London, Trump whacks his own Justice Department for pushing forward to the Supreme Court the travel ban he himself signed. He also managed to completely misrepresent the words of London’s mayor and then doubling by blaming the “mainstream media” for the problem. All of this happened…you guessed it… via Twitter. The latest tweetstorms were so baffling, Trump’s own people said we shouldn’t necessarily believe what the president tweets.

Thursday is said to be the potentially historic day of the week. That’s when former FBI Director James Comey testifies to the Senate Intelligence Committee in open session. But the president kicked off the week with explosive, mind-numbing, head-shaking tweets.

Trump used the tragic terrorist attack in London to push his travel ban. Yes, he has now decided that it is a travel ban.


Trump took the opportunity to disparage the travel ban executive order that he signed!


Ok, so it’s the Justice Department’s fault?

Trump also took London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s words out of context to completely misconstrue what he actually said.


The problem is Khan didn’t say there was nothing to be concerned about as it pertains to terrorism. He was saying that Londoners shouldn’t be alarmed about the increased police presence in and around the city. But pointing that out only led to Trump reiterating what he originally said.


Trump’s tweets sent his people into cleanup mode. This time, the only way to address it was to tell Americans, “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes.”

The heads of two intelligence agencies will testify in open sessions Wednesday followed by appointment-viewing testimony by Comey. But the week has already gotten off to a weird and troubling start.