Winners and Losers of the Comey & National Security Officials Hearings

As is normal with any major political events, there are winners and losers of the past two days of testimony.


1. James Comey. The former FBI director came off as truthful, forthright and honest. The fact that he copped to leaking the contents of his contemporaneously written memo speaks to his honesty. The fact is, Comey’s reputation as a law enforcement official is intact. His decisions can certainly question (going public on the Clinton email investigation days before the election, for instance) but he simply seemed truthworthy.

2. Sens. Angus King (I-Maine) and Kamala Harris (D-Cal.). King was the breakout star of the hearing Wednesday at which Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Admiral Mike Rogers testified. King demanded to know why the pair wouldn’t answer questions.


Sen. Harris, mentioned as a possibly presidential candidate in 2020, stood her ground when as male senators tried to shut her down when she wanted answers from Coats and Rogers.


3. “Lordy,” “Seagulls” and “Fuzz.” These are three terms that jolted Twitter when Comey used them (somewhat curiously). “Lordy, I hope there are tapes,” Comey declared about potential recordings of his meetings with Trump. Comey also said him giving information to directly to the press at the end of his driveway would “be like feeding seagulls at the beach.” Finally, Comey, when indicating his desire to be clear said, “There should be no fuzz on this…”

` Probably not long before these are on t-shirts.

4. Senate Intelligence Committee Chair and Co-Chair Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) and Mark Warner (D-Virginia). Who says Dems and Rs can’t work together.


1. President Trump. Despite the president’s people effective calling Comey a liar, Trump comes off bad. Comey’s material was detailed, extensive and believable.

2. DNI Director Coats and NSA Director Rogers. These two could have easily been held in contempt of Congress. They refused to answer questions and had no justifiable reason to.

3. Sen. John McCain. I have no idea what that was. Is he OK?

4. Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho). This guy twisted himself into a pretzel trying to make Trump look good and Comey bad. It didn’t work.

5. Donald J. Trump, Jr. Junior filled for dad, live tweeting during the Comey testimony. He has a long way to go to match his papa’s angst and self-destructive words.