Trump Should Fire Sekulow Not Mueller or Rosenfield

President Trump seems to get a particular thrill from telling people, “You’re fired!” He did it to a countless number of participants on his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” He also did it to FBI Director James Comey. There’s been a lot of speculation that the president will also say it to either Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein or Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But after his epically confounding appearances on this past Sunday’s political talk shows, it’s Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow who should get the heave-ho.

Perhaps Sekulow had an insurmountable task—contradict the president’s own tweet that admitted he was under investigation in Mueller’s widening inquiry into Russian interference into our 2016 election; then fault Rosenstein’s role in all of it. To do that, Sekulow had to admit Trump is under investigation.


It was an extraordinarily mind-boggling “don’t believe you’re your lying’ eyes” moment in an already head-shaking situation getting even more bizarre. On multiple networks, Sekulow contradicted himself in the same interview, in a matter of a few sentences.

The almost laughable parts of the interviews were Sekulow getting faux outraged when top interviewers John Dickerson (CBS, “Face the Nation”), Chuck Todd (NBC’s “Meet the Press”), Jake Tapper (CNN, “State of the Union”), and Chris Wallace (FOX, “FOX News Sunday”) object to his absurd back and forth on whether Trump is being investigated.

So how did Sekulow end up representing the president in the first place? Sekulow is best known as a Christian crusader, repping the American Center for Law and Justice which has been active on issues like marriage equality (they’re against it).

It’s Sekulow’s other pursuits that likely caught Trump’s attention. Sekulow appears as a legal analyst on FOX News Channel. The president, who says he watches “the shows” for his information, likely caught Sekulow on his favorite network and signed him up.


Sekulow joins equally faux-outraged attorney Marc Kasowitz—who may need his own lawyer—on Trump’s legal team. Ethics complaints have been filed in New York and the District of Columbia for alleged ethics violations. The complaints allege Kasowitz counseled White House staffers while representing the president—a potential conflict of interest.

Kasowitz now-famously called out fired FBI Director James Comey as a liar just hours after Comey testified—under oath—that Trump directed him to back off the probe into fired NSA Michael Flynn’a connections to Russia. Comey also Trump demanded a loyalty pledge. Kasowitz said that was a lie.


Also on the team is John Dowd, a DC attorney who has represented people accused of white collar crime. He might best be known as the head of the investigation of baseball player Pete Rose and allegations that he gambled on MLB baseball games.

It was Sekulow’s performances Sunday that called to mind Orwellian “doublespeak.” Up is down, black is white. Don’t pay attention to what I just said, pay attention to the last thing I say.

All in all, the Sekulow-Kasowitz-Dowd trio is not exactly a dream team. Then again, a combination of Clarence Darrow, Johnny Cochran and F. Lee Bailey might not be enough to save this president.