Former Gov. John Rowland’s new radio show completed its first week yesterday afternoon and on balance, this radio veteran thinks the show is interesting, controversial by its mere existence and uneven at best.

The afternoon drive time show on WTIC-AM, co-hosted by Rowland and Pastor Will Marotti, started out fairly strong but a few days in, it has fallen victim to some pitfalls common to new shows.

The show, called “Church and State,” is much more state than church. Its topics are interesting (the death penalty, taxes, state budget, addiction and its effect on families) but both hosts are extremely predictable. They are both hard-right conservatives who routinely follow preceding hosts Rush Limbaugh and local guy Jim Vicevich (the hero of the angry, white, retirees). The dialogue between the two hosts is overlapping and disjointed making it a difficult listen. And I don’t think I ever heard the use of the seven-second delay “dump” button so much in one show. That problem will likely get worse.

The Shad reported the second day of the show that Rowland’s other employer, the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce, had given him its full support. There have been some rumblings in the Brass City since.

I also reported that day that Rowland’s wife Patty appeared on the new show after getting the boot from WDRC-AM where she appeared weekly. The Hartford Courant’s Java column caught up this week.

And finally, I don’t think Rowland himself appreciated me pointing out that after he poked some fun at folks formerly associate with the station, there was an ad for a hot tub company offering “crazy deals” in the 5:00 p.m. newscast.