The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Notes and quotes from the world as I ponder Chris “Beached Whale” Christie’s judgment. It’s the Hanging Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”


1. Call Greenpeace. Roll it back into the water. From the department of Unimaginably Bad Decisions…New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie closed the state beaches because there was not a state budget in place. Then, in a head-shaking move, he took his family to a…wait for it…state beach! The Internet exploded.

“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…”



2. Leavin’ ‘em hangin’. Even the First Lady of Poland didn’t want to shake hands with Trump.


3. “Awkward? Party of two?” Trump just has that knack for clumsiness. While sitting next to the Mexican president, he was asked about the wall.


4. Mueller? Who’s Mueller? I have heard a number of talking heads claim that the Russian interference investigation has subsided. Idiotic people like radio talk show host Jeff Kuhner and TV/radio Sean Hannity fail to recognize the quieter the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller seems, the more he is digging up.

Of course, neither Kuhner nor Hannity have any training as a reporter or journalist but claim to provide the best “news” available. Kuhner, for whom Boston’s WRKO has inexplicably has gone all in, is spewing nonsense when he isn’t stealing material from people like Michael Savage. Hannity likes to talk about CNN being “fake news.” CNN retracted a story and three people lost their jobs over major missteps. What has happened to Hannity for
propagating a discredited conspiracy theory? Nothing except his battered network, FOX News, telling him to can it.

5. Fly the “Nasty Skies.” Less than three months after the violent removal of a passenger from one of its flights led to supposed reforms by United Airlines in how it treats its passengers, UA is in hot water again.


6. LePage is LeNuts. I still cannot fathom how the good people of the great state of Maine elected Paul “D-Money” LePage governor, not once, but twice. He has referred to himself as “Trump before Trump.” He made the infamous statement about the Pine Tree State’s opioid problem.

LePage’s latest buffoonery is that he now admits to lying to the press.

7. Yankee Doodle kitsch. Independence Day is quickly challenging St. Patrick’s Day as an exercise in ridiculous attire. Maybe a refresher course on that the day symbolizes should be required of anyone who wants to dress up as a human sparkler or firecracker.

8. It still sucks. For some reason, Sen. Mitch McConnell thought the passage of a few days over the Fourth holiday would bring an agreement on the horrific health care bill he’s been pushing. Guess again M-Mac. The bill still means 23 million Americans will lose health insurance and the passing of time won’t make it look any less as an assault on the poor, elderly and the disabled for a big, fat tax cut for the very wealthy. Even McConnell recognizes is still won’t pass.

9. No secrecy unless we’re the ones doing it. McConnell has been particularly bold about putting the (piece of crap) GOP health care bill behind closed doors with no public hearing. The shoe was on the other foot when Obamacare was being fashioned.


10. Pot calls kettle “not human.” Eric Trump says Democrats are not even human. He said this while capitalizing on his family name to continue to enrich himself.

That it all. Carry on.