The Hanging Shad’s ‘Apropos of Nothing’

Waiting for the semi-dark trying to be a bit positive with The Hanging’s Shad’s “Apropos of Nothing.”

1. Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away. Am I a bad person if I didn’t have some sort of life-changing experience during the eclipse? Sorry, but a partly cloudy day does the same damn thing.

2. Just. Go. Away. Fired White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says he is ready to “go to war” upon returning to Breitbart. Just where’s the army that supports him? He was a nobody at Breitbart before and to a nobody he shall return. He doesn’t have any kind of a populist following Trump has. Go crawl back under a rock, you piece of crap bully.

3. It’s Miller Time (to go). Still left at Trump, DC Estate is total whack-job Stephan Miller. This guy is by far the biggest nut in a big bag of cashews. No one is certain how he got to any sort of place of influence in the White House. He is Hitler Youth central casting.


4. Sebastian, go back under the sea. Sebastian Gorla also needs to go. No one is sure what this guy does. But he is incendiary and the worst face of the Trump administration when he appears on TV.


5. Fox News says it here, it comes out there. Fox News Channel remains the network of choice for President Trump. When he made the “slippery slope” argument about removing Robert E. Lee statues leading to the same for George Washington, he may have gotten it straight from the Fox’s mouth.


6. Gives the creeps, gets the creeps. Speaking of Fox News, sometimes their anchors get as good as they give.


7. Damned Yankees. When in New York last weekend to play the Yankees, Red Sox rookie Raphael Devers faced a 103-mph fastball from Aroldis Chapman in the top of the ninth and deposited over the fence for a game-tying home run.

Yankee fans were understandably confident in the pitcher, until…


8. Jackie Bradley, Jr. Jr. This may be the best catch in the history of Little League Baseball.


9. Naval hack? I have no expertise in the field and no evidence to support this but are our naval ships’ navigation systems being hack? Is it just a string of bad luck? Are the commanders pulling a Joe Hazelwood on us? No matter what, we need answers.


Random picture of Zamboni. For no damn reason.


10. Beauty and the Racist Beasts. Boston may have made a major statement against hat this past weekend but it also put a damper on some little girls’ weekend. Two of my nieces (by love) were looking forward for weeks to going to see “Beauty and the Beast” as part of the Family Film Festival at the Prudential Center. When “free speechers” (please) brought out 40,000 counter protesters, any trip into Boston became impossible and they missed out. Sad.

11. Pizzagate. Sunday’s Red Sox game was also “Jerry Remy Day” at the old ball yard, celebrating 30 years of Remy as the Red Sox TV color analyst. His chemistry with former play-by-play guy Don Orsillo is legendary. My favorite example is the Great Pizza Throw controversy.