State Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy is an effective party chief. He’s good on TV, sometimes he “brings the funny” or the wit. However, he is increasing showing nothing is out of bounds when it comes to getting his candidates elected. He is almost giddy over the GOP chances, particularly his congressional and US Senate candidates. His politicizing of the death penalty debate is over the line.

It’s almost impossible to objectively debate the death penalty issue with the gruesome and stomach-turning murder trial of the scum in the Cheshire home invasion case going on. Yet Healy is trying to turn it into a referendum in the race for governor. “If you vote for [Democrat] Dan Malloy, the [home invasion survivor Dr. William] Petit killers sit it out forever. If you vote for [Republican] Tom Foley, they walk the last mile,” Healy recently wrote on Facebook and elsewhere.

First, it’s not that simple. There’s question as to whether the killers could be spared from death and spend life in prison if they are convicted under the current law which allows for the death penalty.

The Shad, as has been written here before, has a general rule against killing things. But if there is ever a case for the death penalty, this is it. It’s hard not to think these guys deserve the flu shot.

The issue is never going to be the deciding factor in very many people’s decision between Malloy and Foley. Just as he did on the anniversary of 9-11, Healy is using an issue that should not be politicized.