The ‘Buck’ Doesn’t Stop with Trump on DACA

I guess we should all be thankful for small favors. Reporting on the issue has President Trump ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival but delaying it for months to give Congress a chance to work something out. For real? We’re going to rely on Congress to come with an answer to “fixing” DACA? Or rely on Congress for anything?

This is the body that hasn’t passed a single piece of meaningful legislation since Trump took office. They are working exactly 12 days this month. What’s on the agenda? Only health care (already dead), tax reform (a huge task), the budget (Trump’s one-pager of a wish list doesn’t count), the debt ceiling (this one will happen), Harvey relief (this one will somehow happen as well), and others.

Trump has been adamant about at least trying to look like he wants to keep campaign promises or back up his rhetoric. However, he’s been twisting himself into a pretzel on this issue. He said early in the presidential he would deport anyone who is in the country illegally. Then, maybe not.


Let’s get something straight. The people in the DACA program or “Dreamers” as they are inexactly called, did not break into the country, they aren’t Trump’s phantom drug dealers or rapists from Mexico, they didn’t tunnel in or float across the ocean on a screen door from Cuba, and most importantly, they are not refugees from a war in the middle east or Africa which seems to frighten some people. They came here as kids and are now educated, productive members of our American society—they may not be citizens but they are surely Americans.


As a basic tenet of our society and legal system, we don’t hold children responsible for the actions of their parents. In this case, it’s beyond cruel to now gear up to kick these people out of the country. They know no other world, no other country, no other way of life.

Trump’s basic cowardice on this issue—delaying the end of the program—leaves the dreamers in limbo. The ball would be in Congress’ court. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is against ending the program but the so-called Freedom Caucus is likely to seek an outright end to DACA program.

Meanwhile, the people who would be targeted by the ending of DACA are left wondering what’s next.