Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley says he is expecting the endorsement of Gov. Rell before she starts breaking out the banker’s boxes to move out of the Capitol. If this expectation sounds familiar it’s because it’s the same thing Lt. Mike Fedele was expecting when he announced for he wanted to succeed the governor who hand-picked him to be her partner in government. We all know how that worked out.

Back in November of 2009 when Gov. Rell announced she would not seek another term, Fedele jumped into the gubernatorial fray. Just after getting in he told reporters that he was going to bet Rell’s endorsement. Fedele said he was told privately by the governor that he would get her support. Not only did Rell stiff Fedele on the endorsement, she never set foot on the campaign trail for anyone before the primary and has to lift a finger for any GOP candidates since.

Leaving aside for a moment trying to figure out why Rell stayed on the sidelines, the fact is, even if she does endorse Foley, it is meaningless. The Shad can’t imagine there are too many voters out there who are on the fence between Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy who will say, “Gee, Jodi Rell is backing Foley?…he’s got my vote then.”

It doesn’t matter if Rell’s approval rating is 99.9-percent. It just shows she took no chances, showed no leadership and wouldn’t dare offend anyone for any reason. Her endorsement could have swayed some Republicans in the primary. It means nothing now. Mike Fedele must feel real good about his boss’s loyalty.