Linda McMahon is running or the US Senate as a “successful businesswomen” who has a record of “job creation.” Do a sufficient number of voters in this state, particularly male voters, know about her business and he job creation “record?” Obviously not or the race wouldn’t be as close as it is. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows the race between Republican McMahon and Democrat Richard Blumenthal is a statistical dead heat (see below).

McMahon, of course, is the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, the company and its storylines are fair game for examination. WWE has left an unbelievable number of dead employees in its wake and makes those employees sign a contract with a death clause, absolving the company from the deaths. Its story lines have included the humiliation of a mentally challenged character and the weekly degradation of women.

More importantly, McMahon’s “job creation” record is also fair game. A few years ago she laid off 10 percent of her employees in Stamford and still made millions personally while benefitting from state tax credits.

And most importantly for McMahon (and for any candidate) is where she stands on the issues facing the state and the nation. The problem is we don’t know where she stands because she is under the impression the campaign trail is not the proper venue for discussing such details. Really?

The blame for voters apparently not taking the above in consideration when deciding whom to support lies at the feet of the Blumenthal campaign. So far, we’ve seen TV ads about his accomplishments which are many. But the only aggressive ads we’ve seen from Blumenthal are those calling out McMahon for her negative ads against him. Where is the footage of the embarrassing wrestling storylines; or her kicking the guy in the crotch; or the necrophilia; or the humiliation of women?

As has been written here before, the impressive record of Blumenthal should be highlighted but he also needs to drop the gloves like Stan Jonathan and get it on. Voters need to know who they may be sending to Washington, DC. It would be a national embarrassment along the lines of Jess Ventura and Christine O’Donnell.