An Extraordinary Day (Even in the Age of Trump)

Just when you thought we’ve hit bottom, we discover a crazy underground garage. John McCain, George W. Bush, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake—they’re lining up faster than President Trump can tweet them down. “They” are Republicans: respected, experienced, accomplished. In an extraordinary day that started with a back and forth between Corker and Trump and ended with a stunning speech by Flake, it was a day from which we all should take stock. Have we seen the turning point of this presidency? Or at the very least a pivotal day for the Republican Party?

Republican Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona (L) and Bob Corker of Tennessee (R).


Early in the day, Corker, the Tennessee senator who has already said he is not running again, told Trump to butt out of the tax reform discussion. Corker was concerned Trump was ruling things in or out before negotiations in earnest. Trump struck back on Twitter (natch).

Corker, clearly bothered by the latest episode, calmly and clearly spoke with CNN afterward.


In past tweets, Trump has referred to Corker as “Liddle Bob Corker,” we assume because “Little” was already taken for Marco Rubio. We can’t have duplicative insults. As it turned out, the Trump – Corker tumult was only the opening act of the day. Later, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona let loose on the floor of the United States Senate, in a historic speech.



Troubling still are Republicans in the US Senate and House who remain silent in the face of the truth about which Flake spoke.

Among the more notable spineless wonders in the wake of the Flake speech were Idaho Republican Sen. James Risch and California Republican Sen. Duncan Hunter. Both took a big ‘ol pass on agreeing with Flake but they wouldn’t disagree with him either—real profiles in courage.

Yet Flake’s name is now added to those members of Congress who would rather retire than run for reelection with Trump as president.