Huckabee Sanders—Taxpayer-Funded Purveyor of Lies

It has long been an art practiced by presidential press secretaries and spokespeople: massage, couch and spin. In Manhattan and later Connecticut, I did the same thing on a much lower level—put the very best face on a perhaps troubling development or fact set. I’ve tried to explain budget shenanigans, FBI raids on a member of my caucus, even nationwide scandals. There is one general rule: Don’t try to outright lie, fabricate or assert anything that isn’t factual, especially when you can easily be proven a liar. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has blown that rule out of the presidential water. She is a taxpayer-funded trafficker in lies. Plain and simple.

I’ve even studied the very best at the job to try to be better at mine: Pierre Salinger (JFK, LBJ), Jody Powell (Carter), Larry Speakes (Reagan), Marlin Fitzwater (Reagan and H.W. Bush), and Jay Carney (Obama). And one of the more. notorious: Ron Zeigler (Nixon). Sanders’ deceit, particularly on things demonstrably false, is insulting. The fact that the taxpayers are funding her deceit is outrageous.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


The most recent incident was Sanders trying to explain away what President Trump (a connoisseur of mendaciousness himself) said about our Justice Department. The president, as seen here, calls the country’s justice system “a joke” and a “laughingstock.”



Now, having just seen that, we can compare it to what Sanders would have us believe.



Sorry, Sarah. That’s exactly what he said. And it’s easily demonstrated. Her “believe me not your lyin’ eyes or ears” is disgraceful.

Previous to this whopper was the one where White House Chief of Staff John Kelly stood before reporters and said a Florida congresswoman made a speech taking credit for funding for a new FBI field office that was named for two fallen agents. Kelly was wrong. Whether one believes US Rep. Frederica Wilson is a publicity-seeking “empty barrel” as Kelly called her or not, she didn’t do what Kelly said she did. And it’s easily shown.



Again trying to clean things up, Sanders lied.



Sanders now has a track record of flat-out lying to reporters and to the American public. She has nicely picked up the mantle of Sean “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period” Spicer.