Let’s stipulate up front that The Shad has been playing hockey at one level or another every winter (and some springs and summers) since the age of five—except for last winter because of injury. Hockey is in my blood, circulating or spilling as the case may be over the years. I was also the state Senate Democrats’ point man for initial meetings with Howard Baldwin, the room-lighting former owner of the Hartford Whalers.

Baldwin is impressive, determined, engaging and if anyone can bring the NHL back to Hartford (I’d be first in line for season tickets and I always go to a good number of Wolf Pack games), it’s Baldwin. He’s been doing everything right so far—especially the fanfest at Rentschler Field in February. But in The Shad’s view, the new logo for the Connecticut Whale doesn’t quite cut it. It looks cartoonish and reminds me of some other logos—all minor league teams. If The Whale is to make it to the NHL, it needs a major league logo.

The new, mean-looking blue whale spouting water and holding a hockey stick is not as bad as, say, the Amarillo Gorillas, the Bossier-Schreveport Mudbugs, the Odessa Jackalopes or the Rockford IceHogs. And The Whale is at least on the morally correct side of the environmental debate. But I think we need a more “major league” logo.