Moore a New Low that Alabama Voters Can Rectify

I’ve never been to Alabama and unless I am on a flight that requires an emergency landing as I am flying over it, I don’t think I’ll ever go to Alabama. But I do know that the people of the state can solve this entire, ugly chapter that is Roy Moore—vote for Democrat Doug Jones. There are a lot of assumptions flying around that Moore’s election is a done deal. It’s not. The guy was a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal before the latest revelations. I would like to believe there are people of conscience in the Yallowhammer State (it’s a bird) who will do the right thing.

Alabama US Senate candidates Democrat Doug Jones (L) and Republican Roy Moore.


I am told I am incredibly naïve when it comes to incidence of sexual harassment in every corner of our society. Some of the stories that have captured the nation’s attention over the last month or so still shock me. And I guess it shouldn’t. Perhaps my default, people-are-basically-decent thoughts need recalculating. But I have no problem believing that Roy Moore is a first-class degenerate, a perv of monumental proportions.

The thing is, Roy Moore was a backward-ass, oafish lout way before the sexual harassment charges. The things he believes about gay folks (homosexuality should be illegal), Muslims (they should not serve in Congress), church and state (the bible supersedes the Constitution) are frightening. The charges from the women who, after much prodding, came forward are disqualifying as it pertains to public service.


The people of Alabama are not locked in, in any way, to vote for Moore on December 12. (Yes, even the date of the election is backwards.) They have a chance to choose an honorable man; not an abuser of women and girls but rather a prosecutor of those who do.



The question for Alabamans is whether they want to be the people who send a man like Roy Moore to the United States Senate. The next question is whether the members of the Senate would send him right back.

Moore has lost the support of Republicans in the Senate and others including that of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and the Republican National Senatorial Committee. But those people don’t vote in Alabama.

The latest polls show Jones within striking distance. It’s up to the people of Alabama to show their humanity, their basic goodness, their common sense.

Your thoughts?

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