Moore Decision is Here and Now

There hasn’t been a Roy Moore sighting in days. The Incredible Shrinking Republican Alabama Senate candidate looks like he is going just ride it out. Who can blame him? There’s very little upside to spending the remaining time in the campaign denying he even knew any of the women who accuse him of sexual assault on a minor, sexual harassment of young women or general creepiness. With the increasing cases of the “whatabouts” spreading over the country, it couldn’t be more important to keep in mind, Roy Moore faces Democrat Doug Jones here and now.


Alabama US Senate candidates Democrat Doug Jones (L) and Republican Roy Moore.


What about Bill Clinton? What about Ted Kennedy? For that matter, what about John F. Kennedy? Comparing the principals in the Dec. 12, 2017 Alabama Senate election to other characters in other times is the worst cop-out possible. The good people of the backward-ass state of Alabama can either step up and elect a good man who prosecuted men who assaulted young girls or elect a man who assaulted young girls. Sorry, “allegedly” assaulted young girls.

I’m getting pretty tired of the lame, cowardly, “It’s up to the people of Alabama.” Yes, the people of Alabama are the ones voting Tuesday (what other state would have an election in December?). But every citizen of this nation has a stake in what happens. The balance of the Senate is at stake although there is no guarantee Moore would support the president’s odious agenda.

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Alabama’s senior Senator Richard Shelby said he couldn’t bring himself to vote for the Democrat Jones but didn’t vote for Moore either.



It’s interesting that Shelby refused to name the Republican he wrote in.

Let’s look at the candidate that the president of the United States full supports.
• He was twice removed as a judge if the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to follow judicial rulings. This has become a minor part of the narrative against this knuckle dragger but it speaks to his respect (or lack thereof) for the rule of law.
• He is on record as saying he doesn’t think Muslims should serve in Congress. That may seem simply whacky and inconsequential. But with a president who initiated the Muslim travel ban and who is able to name as many as three Supreme Court nominees in the coming year, is this really that far-fetched?
• He co-authored a text book that suggested women should not serve in Congress. Ok, that won’t ever happen but it shows just how out there this guy is.
• He thinks America was great during a time when we had slavery. Writing that sentence make me shiver. Save the “taken out of context” b.s. Yes, the guy has been so courageous that he has also condemned slavery but this answer to, “When do you think the country was great?” asked by a very conspicuous African America in the audience is stunning.



• He is accused of multiple cases of sexual assault of varying degrees. There’s the 14-year old, the various other teenagers older than the age of consent in Alabama (16), and his banishment from the local mall for hitting on girls there. He claims they are lying—all of them—and that he never knew these now women. Sick, demented, criminal.
• He has the full support of the president. That would ordinarily be a big plus. But the fact that Donald Trump is a fellow member of the Fraternal Brotherhood of Funk and Wagnoll, not so much. Trump himself has been accused by more than a dozen women of sexual impropriety. He and Moore are kindred spirits.


As has been said, if you’re not allowed in the mall, you shouldn’t be allowed in the US Senate.

My favorite response to the credible allegations that Moore was cruising young girls came from Virginia Republican US Rep. (and father) Scott Taylor: “If it was my teen aged daughter [whom Roy Moore pursued], I’d break his face.” Well said, Congressman Taylor.

If you are using Bill Clinton’s perv status or even Ted Kennedy’s criminal activity from many years ago to justify supporting Moore, if you’re begging off a full-throated condemnation of Moore because you don’t live in Alabama, I’m calling you out as a coward.