Dodd Rebounds in Latest Q-Poll

Sept. 17, 2009

Has Plenty of Time to Win Re-election Bid Amid Hodgepodge of Republican Field

The latest Quinnipiac poll has some encouraging numbers for incumbent US Senator Christopher Dodd. His 43% job approval rating, although still low in and of itself,  is climbing and is his best in the last six months. The Dodd camp must be pleased that with the election more than a year away, he continues to trend up. He is also bringing down his negatives, another positive sign for the 30-year incumbent.


It should not be forgotten that Dodd seems to redeeming himself with the people of Connecticut on the heels of problems and scandals that would have sunk a lesser man, including allegations that he received a VIP mortgage from the notorious Countrywide Financial company and his apparent flip-flopping on whether he signed off on huge bonuses for AIG executives.  That’s not to say these problems couldn’t resurface in a general election. How his leadership on the issue of healthcare reform will play out remains to be seen but his decision not to take over Se. Edward M. Kennedy’s leadership position is generally seen as a good move.



State Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy is likely wishing the GOP could fast-forward to the general election for US Senate. How does he react to the news that now former-World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon is now in the race for the Republican nomination? It seems the boilerplate, “We clearly have a number of qualified candidates from which to choose” doesn’t cut it here. Mrs. McMahon could be a combination of Hillary Clinton, Linda Chavez, Eva Peron and Margaret Thatcher and she still won’t shake that WWE video making the rounds that has Simmons, Caligiuri, Foley and Schiff crossing their collective legs. No word on whether Massachusetts favorite son Killer Kowalski jumps in the race to succeed Ted Kennedy. Alas, Killer passed on last year (although his wresting academy thrives in Malden, MA).

Patrick Scully, Wethersfield