Former governor turned economic development professional and talk radio show host John Rowland doesn’t need The Shad to defend him. If fact, Rowland doesn’t seem too particularly pleased with what I’ve written about his radio show or that I had the audacity to call the president of Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce to see if she was cool with him picking up another full-time job (turns out, she was).

However, I try to be fair. And what the New York Post, that bastion of journalism, wrote about Rowland was unfair. How could anyone know what was in the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. Rowland when they decided they would pass on entering a crafts fair in Woodbury. Despite the fact the money was going to charity, perhaps the Rowlands decided to go do something, I don’t know, interesting.

Rowland’s new afternoon-drive radio show on WTIC-AM is going through some growing pains. In fact, Rowland’s career is a bit like Betty White’s—it once had a heyday; went into retirement; started an interesting comeback that now, like Ms. White herself, is just old and sad. But you never know.