Democratic candidate for governor Dan Malloy is getting attention nationwide with his bold, forward-thinking proposal on autism. Malloy and running mate Nancy Wyman yesterday said they would create the Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities housed within the state’s private, non-profit system. Noting that incidences of autism continue to grow in Connecticut, Malloy and Wyman said the condition affects not only families, but also “school districts, social services agencies and the medical system at large.”

“Children diagnosed with autism need specialized care, education and treatment – but right now their families their families are challenged to find care and often have to go out of state at an increased cost to them, and to other taxpayers,” said Malloy. “The Center we’re proposing would not only provide a much needed service to Connecticut’s fastest growing population of children with disabilities, but it could actually save the state money and create quality, permanent health-care related jobs in the private sector at the same time.”

Malloy deserves credit for getting past platitudes and making a specific, workable proposal. The Shad counts as friends a loving family that includes an incredible young boy with autism. Otherwise active, freely speaking (to say the least), handsome and filled with potential, the young man has a great life ahead. The family would certainly benefit from a center such as the one proposed by Malloy.