Memo Fatigue: Republicans’ Move to Discredit FBI Is an Attempt to Hand Trump a Stealth ‘Saturday Night Massacre’

To many people, this Republican memo purporting to show FBI misconduct in securing FISA court to spy on a Trump confidant is “inside baseball” that will not change anyone’s mind on whether there is a plot to get the president. Many people don’t understand the memo or simply don’t care about it.

US Rep. Devin Nunes (L) and President Trump


A closer look shows that the memo, written by staff members of US Representative and Trump stooge Devin Nunces, seeks to give credibility to Trump firing or forcing out top FBI personnel or perhaps special counsel Robert Mueller.

Richard Nixon’s infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” was played out very publicly—he wanted the special prosecutor investigating him fired and went through several firings before he found someone willing to do his dirty work.

The Nunes memo is designed to stealth discrediting of the FBI so that Trump can fire who he wants and lay the ground work for fighting any Mueller findings that show the president or his close advisers (and family) are guilty of obstruction of justice or abuse of power.

The difference between Nixon’s purge and Trump’s stealth moves is that Nixon didn’t have a complicit Republican Congress helping him carry out his unconstitutional actions.

Some Republicans have in fact become uneasy with what impact the memo is supposed to have.


The Nunes memo has emboldened the president. He made the absolutely incredible claim that members of Congress who did not applaud his state of the union address are guilty of treason.


So the question now is do we get to see a similarly tiresome Democratic memo that claims to rebut everything in the Nunes memo. The whole thing is tedious.