FBI Director Exposes Trump Lies on Porter; Is There Any Credibility?

We are somewhat accustomed to Sarah Huckabee Sanders dropping whoppers at her press briefings—she routinely spews demonstrably untrue, “alternative” facts. But Tuesday she, President Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly were hung out to dry and directly contradicted by sworn congressional testimony. They lied and are now scrambling to adjust their story.

The details of the congressional testimony are important. FBI Director Christopher Wray laid out the timeline for the FBI’s background investigation of former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter.

This directly contradicts the sad story told by Sanders, who laid the delay on Porter’s security situation at the feet of the FBI.

Then, being completely exposed, Sanders backtracked and said he hold-up was with the White House security office.


The ironic part is that Sander’s straight-out lie isn’t the worst part of the whole situation.  To this moment, President Trump’s public statements have not been about supporting Porter’s ex-wives. They’ve been about wishing Porter well, praising him for his work.

That’s part of a pattern that Trump can’t break because he himself has been accused of heinous and felonious behavior. If he supports abused women in one case, questions will naturally arise about the women who have credibility accused him.

As for Sanders, she is a complete joke. I understand she has a job to do. But this goes beyond trying to put the best face on the president as possible, way beyond attempting to put the White House in the best possible light. She is being paid by the taxpayers of this country to come out and lie to the media on a daily basis. It’s incredibly sad and harmful to the country.