In this day and age almost everyone understands the need for increased security at just about every public event. But sometimes security can simply be out of control, intrusive and rude. To put it bluntly, that was the case at the Bushnell Center for Performing Arts in Hartford for the gubernatorial debate between Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Dan Malloy.

The problem for The Shad started with parking. Since suffering a serious injury and subsequent surgery last December, I have been struggling with mobility. Handicap parking for Monday’s night’s US Senate debate was further away than the regular parking and to be honest, I struggled to walk to the venue. I was determined to not have that repeated for the gubernatorial debate, also held at the Bushnell.

So when I arrived for last night’s forum and found a handicap space behind the Bushnell, I was immediately told by a rude, burly, security team member (you know who you are, Hercules) that I couldn’t park there because it was too close to where the candidates were to park. I protested—strenuously—until another security team member said I was fine where I was.

The problems continued inside the Belding Theatre when I was warned by security to “stop taking pictures immediately.” Not only was I not taking pictures, I didn’t have a camera and my cell phone was off. By then I was angry and curtly told the person to back off.

I fully understand the need for tight security and most security team members do a necessary and fine job. But others are clearly police wannabes who get kicks from needlessly harassing people. Someone call security!