Former Trump Campaign Aide Melts Down on Live TV

From the interviews given past 24 hours, former Trump aide Sam Nunberg is either a very strange or a very troubled guy (or both). He is defying a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller saying, “Screw it” and “I’m not cooperating. Arrest me,” making him a highly sought newsmaker if only for a day.

Nunberg’s whirlwind day of media interviews concluded with one by CNN’s Erin Burnett in which Burnett commented, “Being close to you, talking to you, I have smelled alcohol on your breath.” Nunberg said he had not been drinking and was not under any other kind of influence “other than my meds.”

Such suspicions are warranted given his erratic behavior on live TV.

The question now remains, is Mr. Nunberg ok? Burnett seemed genuinely concerned about Nunberg whose wild gesticulations and animated comments are not that of a well man.

I have already heard claims of a set-up by CNN. Let’s be clear. There is no evidence of this whatsoever. Unless Anderson Cooper and Wolfe Blitzer were holding Mr. Nunberg down in the green room and forcing alcohol down his throat, such claims are outrageous. 

There is not lawyer on this planet who would advise Nunberg to defy the Mueller subpoena and certainly not go bragging about his defiance on national television. Just what Nunberg can tell Mueller about the Trump campaign is now secondary to whether he gets the help he needs.

We don’t know if Mr. Nunberg’s possible problems started earlier in the day when he appeared on other news outlets.

Something things transcend politics. Let’s hope Mr. Nunberg gets the help he needs.