Tillerson, McEntee, Stormy Daniels—Chaos? What Chaos?

With most presidents, any one of issues plaguing their administration this week would pretty much sink them. Then again, we all know Trump is not just any president. He thrives on complete chaos around him even as it roils the rest of the country. He has fired his secretary of state and his personal assistant, and then there’s the pesky porn actress who won’t just go away. And it’s only Tuesday. Sit with that for a while.

Fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (r) and President Trump.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson got the boot and found out about it via a Trump tweet (natch). Of course, Tillerson (the only person named “Rex” ever to hold a cabinet position) had been hanging on by a thread for months. He never seemed to know foreign policy developments much before the rest of us did. The fact that the state department was essentially gutted under Rex didn’t help things. And Tillerson had the temerity to state the obvious.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo replaces Tillerson. Pompeo has a perfectly good resume for Trump to destroy. He is a West Point graduate, Army combat veteran who eventually earned a law degree from Harvard.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo, now nominated to succeed Secretary of State Tillerson.

As the dominoes fall, Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel takes over for Pompeo. Haspel seems quite accomplished, even if it is in the area of torture.

Under the radar (aren’t normally blockbuster stories always under the radar in this administration?) is the firing of Trump’s personal assistant John McEntee who was boxed and toured—not a very dignified way to go. The Wall Street Journal reported McEntee was canned for an “unspecified security reason.” It must have been a series risk seeing as Trump’s own son-in-law, who is solving things in the Middle East, can’t even get a full security clearance.

Stormy Daniels.

And last—but certainly not least—is Stormy Daniels. The adult film actress (I don’t know how one attains the status of “star” in the industry) won’t go away and her story is starting to gain traction. Stormy has Trump boxed in: Sarah Huckabee Sanders finally realized that the more one lies, the more one has trouble keeping track. She told a bewildered press corps that the Stormy matter had been “settled in arbitration.” After the reporters picked their collective jaw off the floor, they wanted to know more.

Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen paid off Stormy to keep quiet. Now she doesn’t want to. Oh, the tangle web we weave, when porn “stars” aren’t deceived.