Who’s the Next to Go? (I’ve Got McMaster in the Pool)

Talk is rampant about a Trump cabinet “bloodbath”—a seismic shake up that could make Rex Tillerson’s ouster look like small (Irish) potatoes. Rex became Ex immediately after agreeing with UK Prime Minister that Russia was behind a poisoning attack on a former Russian who spied for the UK and his daughter. For various reasons, there are a number of cabinet members on the chopping block. So, who is next?

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly may be packing up. The guy brought in to instill some discipline and order in a chaotic White House has apparently lost to the mighty chaos. His handling of the whole Rob Porter affair is troubling at best. Porter is a #meetoo king whom Kelly backed until he couldn’t. It doesn’t help that Kelly joked that becoming chief of staff was because “God punished me, I guess.”

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is so out-of-touch that a $31,000 was ordered for him and he then lied about it whether he knew about it. CNN is reporting, “An August email from a career administration staffer, with the subject line ‘Secretary’s dining room set needed,’ to Carson’s assistant refers to ‘printouts of the furniture the Secretary and Mrs. Carson picked out.’

“Asked Tuesday about the discrepancy between his past comments and the internal emails, a HUD spokesman only this explanation: ‘When presented with options by professional staff, Mrs. Carson participated in the selection of specific styles.'” Time for Carson, who claimed being HUD secretary was tougher than performing brain surgery, to go. Now.

National Security Advisor H.R. McMasters has a foot out the door and probably would have quit if he were not still on active military duty (and therefore still answers to the commander-in-chief). Asked by reporters Tuesday if there was an update on his position, McMaster said, “Hey, I’m still around.” Yeah, for right now.

Waiting on McMaster’s demise is former UN Ambassador John Bolton who step in as NSA (Bolton, for the record, is nuts).

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin was one of the cabinet secretaries called on the carpet by Kelly for misusing his position. Most recently, Shulkin used his security detail to carry Home Depot furniture into his home. Last month, the VA inspector general reported that Shulkin’s then-chief of staff doctored an email so that taxpayers would pick up the tab for the Shulkin’s wife to accompany him on a 10-day trip to Europe.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was rumored to be moving into a Shulkin-vacated VA spot has said he is not interested. Perry seems perfectly unqualified for his current spot at Energy.

Those who should be out but won’t be (at least for now) include EPA administrator Scott Pruitt whose travel habits could shame Carson’s dining room set. Kellyanne Conway who has allegedly violated the Hatch Act while taking some pretty fancy and luxurious plane rides herself.

My money is on McMaster. But take your pick.