Republicans Warn Trump Against Firing Mueller, But Will They Do Anything if He Does?

Various Republican leaders are now on the record as saying it would be bad if President Trump fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller—really bad. They’ve weighed in on just how bad it would be, with Sen. Lindsay Graham calling it, “The beginning of the end” of the Trump presidency. So why does Trump seem as emboldened as ever, even attacking Mueller by name? Does he know that in reality, there will be no consequences if he executes his own version of the “Saturday Night Massacre?”

These are troubling times indeed. We can’t believe a word Trump says and he is being aided and abetted by a straight-out lying press secretary, a subservient and sad House Intelligence Committee, and a pathetically quiet speaker of the House and Senate majority leader.

We should all be concerned that Trump has elevated his attacks.


Republican leaders are at least saying the right things. In the wake of Trump attorney John Dowd calling for the Mueller investigation to end, US Rep. Trey Gowdy took exception.


Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham warned the president against firing Mueller.

Yet despite all the bluster, neither Gowdy nor Graham has pushed for legislation to protect Mueller. Why is that? And from the looks of things, Trump is in no way backing down.