Hannity Calamity Lays Bare His Disgraceful Standards

For years people have argued over whether someone like Fox News’ Sean Hannity is a journalist. Answer: No, he is not. And the fact that he is journalism’s version of the WWE—a scripted side-show that its followers don’t care is phony—is what will save him.

Make no mistake, Hannity is a boot-licking, Donald Trump sycophant; a carnival-barking, conspiracy theory-embracing, hack. He has no journalistic credentials and if his recent comments are any indication, he’s not terribly bright.

For those without a scorecard, Hannity was revealed as the mysterious “third client” of Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen. Client number one is Trump himself. Cohen paid adult film actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 (allegedly) of his own money to clam up about a tryst with Trump. He also arranged last year a $1.6 million payment to a Playboy playmate for client number two, Elliot Broidy. Broidy was a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee. He has since resigned from the RNC.

That leaves us with client number three, the revelation of which was worthy of a Law & Order plot. Audible gasps were heard in trhe courtroom when it was revealed that number three was none other than Sean Hannity.

Hannity could have easily avoided all this commotion if, as he was hysterically describing the raid on Cohen’s home, office and hotel as some sort of national security disaster, he simply added, “I know Michael Cohen. He’s done some legal work for me. I find him to be a good fella and fun at parties.”

The whole sordid situation begs the question, what did Trump’s fixer fix for Hannity? Hannity claims Cohen was not his lawyer—that he never retained him, never paid him, never got an invoice from him. Hannity says he may have asked Cohen some legal questions about real estate and that he expected the conversations to be privileged.

So, Hannity expected conversations with a guy who he says was not his lawyer to be covered under attorney-client privilege? Brilliant. Even Hannity’s most ardent fans should be able to figure out he can’t have it both ways.

While one ponders more, potentially salacious information about the Hannity-Cohen relationship, we shouldn’t lose site of what a two-bit hack Hannity really is. Even worse, he is a two-bit hack who might as well have an office in the White House.

Hannity, like Trump, was a leader in advancing the thoroughly debunked birther theory. When President Obama released his long-form birth certificate, Trump said he was sending lawyers to Hawaii to prove it was a fake. Hannity supported Trump all along the way.

More personally hurtful to the victims was Hannity’s part in a conspiracy theory that alleged that the murder of young Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was part of a conspiracy involving Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails. Hannity’s relentless commentating (it certainly was not “reporting”) on the fake story caused untold heartache to the Rich family. (There is a theory making the rounds that Hannity’s involvement with Cohen had something to do with his rank lying on the Rich case).

Sean Hannity has the TV version of Donald Trump’s “I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose a vote” effect. The hordes of lemmings tuning in to Hannity’s show every night don’t much care that most of what he spews is nonsense.