Rudy Giuliani is a Bug-Eyed Loon (and Other Observations About Him)

I remember the days after 9-11. I was working in Manhattan and still in shock over what had happened, worried that there was more to come. It was Mayor Rudy Giuliani who brought us some calm. I thought very highly of him as a true leader in the most troubling of times. He is now, however, working overtime to destroy that legacy. He was once America’s mayor. Now he is the country’s bug-eyed buffoon.

Things first started getting weird for Giuliani when he was past over for secretary of state in the Trump administration. Perhaps folks like Jim Mattis and Nikki Haley preferred not to have some loose cannon lobbing bombs at foreign heads of state.

When ol’ Rudy joined the Trump team, he immediately caused a stir with an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity. Let’s preface it by saying Hannity is a Trump sycophant of the worst kind. If a Republican goes on Hannity and can’t handle the pathetic puffball questions, then he should stay off TV forever.

First, he admitted that Trump had repaid “fixer” Michael Cohen the $130,000 hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels. (We, as a country, must have some serious immunity to bad acts when a sitting president’s lawyer admits paying off a porn star.)

Then in the same interview, Giuliani managed to describe the president’s son-in-law as “disposable” and his daughter as “a fine woman.” He also predicted that if Mueller came after the fine woman, the country would come after him. He whacked the usual Trump punching bags, the “criminal” Hillary Clinton and “very perverted man” James Comey (what?).

He also declared that no US president had ever been subpoenaed. Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were all subpoenaed. For good measure, Giuliani called FBI agents “storm troopers.”

And that was the first interview. It gets better.

The former declared that the president could shoot James Comey and not be charged. So, Giuliani was simultaneously saying the president is above the law, and he can literally get away with murder. Swell.

As to the question of whether Trump can pardon himself, Giuliani declared—as did Trump himself later on—the president has the absolute power to pardon himself. You don’t have to be constitutional lawyer to realize that is patently absurd. And for the record, the constitutional lawyers do say the claim has no basis in reality.

What are we to make of Trump trotting out the gesticulating, raving madman of a former esteemed mayor. Perhaps the idea is that compared to Giuliani, Trump is a reasonable guy.

The bottom line is that it’s dog track time for Giuliani. Pin a note to his windbreaker, wheel him down to the dog track and let him pick a quinella. It’s over. OH-VER.