Dems, GOP Offer Ugly Choices for Conn. Governor

Let me start by saying I don’t live in Connecticut anymore so I won’t be voting in this race. But at first blush (and second and third), the Republican and Democratic party choices for the next governor of Connecticut run from boring to unqualified to holy-crap-they-won’t-really-elect-an-unrepentant-crook-will-they?

Let’s start with the Republican candidates. I know Mark Boughton, the mayor of Danbury. He’s generally a nice guy if a bit full of himself. He’s done well for Danbury but this is his third run for governor and the first two were dreadful. Also, jumping from running a medium-sized city (85,000 or so) to running a state (3.8 million or so) is pretty big.

Republican party-endorsed candidate Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton.

Boughton might also suffer from the current outrage across the country over the Trump administration’s focus on immigration and the actions of ICE. The mayor has run into strong criticism of his coziness with the feds when it comes to grabbing up suspected illegal immigrants. Fortunately for Boughton, it’s unlikely his primary opponents will run to left of him on it.

Tim Herbst is generally not a nice guy. I draw that conclusion from his political dealings and his publicly reported personal situation. In 2016, he channeled his inner Lee Atwater and attacked state legislative Democrats as being soft on crime. Among his targets was state Sen. Mae Flexer, one of the most courageous elected officials on issues stemming from what is now known as the #metoo movement.

Republican gubernatorial primary candidate Tim Herbst.

Things got uglier for Herbst in 2017 when, as reported by the Connecticut Post’s Neil Vigdor, his family members started suing each other. “Herbst’s mother is suing his sister and estranged brother-in-law, as well as their lawyer, alleging they illegally hacked into her iPhone messages to try to dig up dirt for a wrongful termination and defamation of character lawsuit against [Tim] Herbst,” Vigdor wrote. Yikes.

David Stemerman is a hedge-fund, rich-guy-from Greenwich candidate who just announced he is dumping another $10 million of his own money into his campaign, making that about a $13 million investment in himself. It might seem like a lot of money but don’t forget Linda McMahon spent $100 million of her own money on two failed US Senate races.

Bob Stefanowski is another rich guy who bypassed the traditional party convention and will petition to get on the August primary ballot. The only thing Stefanowski is known for is throwing in with the aptly named economist Arthur Laffer.

The Democratic field for governor is nothing short of pathetic. One would think that with the departing Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy wallowing in a sea of political hopelessness and despair, the party could come up with a dynamic candidate who hasn’t spent years in jail for robbing the state’s biggest city blind. Guess not.

Democrtic party-endorsed candidate Ned Lamont.

I have never been a fan of party-endorsed candidate Ned Lamont. It’s pretty simple, really. Lamont is the Democrats’ version of Linda McMahon (see above). Lamont’s qualifications for the job of governor appear to be the fact that he scared Joe Lieberman. And Lamont may or may not have served on some sort of board in his hometown of…wait for it…Greenwich. Lamont, a cable TV magnate (ok, I guess that’s a qualification, too) has spent tens of millions of dollars of his own campaigns (US senator and governor) that failed miserably. Being a rich guy does not qualify you to be governor.

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is a crook, a scam artist, a felon, a jail bird. That anyone could even consider supporting this guy is beyond belief. He robbed his city blind, spent substantial time in the Big House and only apologized (really only once) when he knew he wanted to run for mayor again. It’s a disgrace and a national embarrassment that this guy is mayor, let along running for governor.

So, what are we left with? The answer is Oz Griebel. The former MetroHartford Alliance has spent years advocating for policy that creates jobs and spurs economic development. Sure, he ran for governor before as a Republican but the fact is, he’s more qualified to be governor than Boughton and Herbst, and without question more qualified than Lamont. And he has never done time.

Independent candidate for Conn. governor Oz Griebel.

This opinion shouldn’t be read that all candidates in the traditional party are lousy choices so by default, it’s Griebel. Not by any means. The fact that Griebel is an independent, not beholden to the traditional nonsense, is a huge plus (have you read what has come out of the state party offices? Think Animal House). Griebel smart, measured and passionate.

He’s the guy in 2018.

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